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Picking the right veterinarian for your pet is a vital decision. Not all clinics provide a wide range of services, so it’s important to find one that does. For example, some Veterinarians in Aurora CO offer grooming, while others offer boarding and emergency care.

In addition, consider whether your vet will treat exotic pets or avian species. Use GreatVet profiles to see ratings from multiple review sources and make an informed choice.

Dr. Monique Weldon

The AVMA Board of Directors approved several items during its meeting on April 6-8, including new policies on service, assistance and therapy animals and stem cell therapies. It also voted to expand its nondiscrimination policy to include gender identity and expression, parental and pregnancy status. The AVMA’s telehealth veterinary medicine advisory panel will also present a two-hour session at the convention on how telemedicine works in veterinary care.

Dr. Monique Weldon, who owns the Animal Dental Clinic in Aurora, CO, specializes in dentistry. She believes that oral health is linked to overall pet wellness and preventive care is crucial. Her clinic offers a variety of services during dental cleanings, such as fluoride treatments, sealants and home-care products.

She enjoys traveling, horseback riding and hanging out in small mountain towns. Her dog Asal and cat Fergi are her biggest joys in life. She has also volunteered with animal rescues, helping pets get better dental care before they are adopted. She is looking forward to joining the Animal Dental Clinic team and continuing her education in veterinary dentistry.

Dr. Erin Weldon

Weldon has worked for the firm since 2022 and specializes in civil litigation. She has experience representing insurance companies and local governments in a variety of cases. She is a member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.

She also has a special interest in animal dentistry. She believes dental care is an integral part of overall pet wellness and enjoys helping dogs and cats to achieve a healthy mouth. She has been a veterinarian for 19 years and owns Loving Family Animal Hospital.

She has a strong passion for her job, and is dedicated to the welfare of her patients. She has a Min Pin named Asal and a cat named Fergi. When she is not working, she enjoys hiking with her family and traveling to new places. She also loves reading, playing the piano, and watching sports with her husband. She is always learning and striving for excellence. She is an advocate for continuing education in all aspects of her practice. She is also a volunteer with the local animal shelter. She is a huge supporter of rescue animals and the local community.

Dr. Sue Kariminejad

Sue has worked at our sister hospital, Loving Family, since 2017. She is a 2022 DVM graduate from CSU and loves dentistry. She strives to make trips to the vet a comfortable and positive experience for both pets and clients. She uses gentle handling to calm nervous pets and makes sure everyone feels safe and at home. She is also very active in the community and volunteers at local events. She has two dogs and a cat.

Dr. Andy Weldon

Dr. Weldon was born on January 9, 1930, in Dallas, Texas. His mother Wilda Reeves Carter was a high school teacher and he grew up with a love of learning and a desire to help people. He was an ROTC graduate, and he served in the U.S. Army during the Korean War.

He then studied biology at Baylor University, forming a world-class team with Dr. Andrew V. Schally. Their research delved into the mysteries of endocrine systems and hypothalamic hormones, producing a number of breakthroughs.

Erin is a Colorado native with 3 beautiful dogs of her own. She graduated from the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology in December of 2017. Having spent most of her career as a general practice vet tech, she has found her true passion in veterinary dentistry. She will continue to pursue her specialized training and education in this field, as it is the aspect of pet care she loves most. When she is not working with animals, Erin enjoys bowling, camping/hiking and spending time with her family. She is looking forward to managing our amazing clinic.